In today’s busy and tech-driven world, consumers research and shop for products and services using a multitude of channels. Gone are the days of window shopping and mall browsing for that perfect item – today’s customers have all that information at their fingertips. Your customers might begin their search online, then come into your store when they’ve identified their dream purchase. Alternatively, they may visit your brick-and-mortar establishment to chat with your sales reps, then go home and buy online to take advantage of a special deal. How can you leverage today’s multichannel sales world to increase your revenue? It all starts with payments.



Payments on Demand



Customers want to be able to decide to make a purchase and act on that decision anytime, anywhere. If an undecided customer has just left your store and is taking on the subway home, they want to be able to pull out their phones and buy the exact product they just tried on the second they make up their mind. Clearly, mobile payments are a crucial first step in wowing your multichannel customer. Make sure your ecommerce package allows for easy, secure payments from a whole host of devices – and make sure your website is up to the task. Nothing scares potential buyers off faster than slow load times or crashed pages.



Inventory Management



Another critical component of succeeding at the multichannel game is to have identical inventory across all of your platforms. There are arguments to be made for online-only products or certain bundles you can only get in-store, but a customer who had their heart set on something they saw in your shop window will be disappointed if they get home and find they have to wait till the next time they’re on your street to buy it. That customer is as good as lost. While it can be complicated and frustrating to set up and manage your inventory across multiple platforms like this, find a system that works for you and put in the effort to make it happen. Your bottom line will thank you.



Multiple Channels, One Experience



To maximize your results from multichannel sales, your branding needs to be on point. The same cool vibe you’ve got going on in your brick-and-mortar space has to carry seamlessly through to your ecommerce store. Customers want to feel like they’ve been teleported directly into your brand’s world, no matter when or where they are. Take your time developing and curating your online store, and remember that the details matter. You know how you spent all that time picking out the perfect paint for your walls and the late nights you spent agonizing over your soundtrack? Give the same attention to fonts, layouts, and color schemes on the web. High-quality photography is worth the price if your products are visually striking. Remember, the goal is to immerse the customer in your world!



Find the Right Partner



Like we said at the beginning, all of the above is fruitless if you don’t have a robust, reliable payment system in place to facilitate transactions from anywhere. Choosing the right credit card processing partner is crucial to making this happen. Give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’d love to show you how we’re a true partner for our customers.



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