You are probably bombarded with visits, phone calls, and more from sales reps promising you the moon. Every day it seems like there’s a new confident salesperson walking in during the busy rush, calling during an important meeting, and just generally demanding your attention when you don’t want to give it. Our customers tell us it can be especially hard to get rid of a credit card processing rep, even when they tell them how happy they are with 360 Payments. We thought we’d help them (and everyone else) out and provide some ways to get reps out of your hair quickly so you can focus on running your business. While we certainly don’t encourage lying to get rid of a rep, if any of the below apply to you be sure to bring it up to get them heading for the door.



1. “My rep is my brother-in-law – there’s no way I’m switching! Can you imagine what my Thanksgiving dinner would be like?”



The holidays are chaotic enough without adding awkward family drama. If you’re processing with a close friend or family member, most credit card processing reps will steer clear. We don’t want to come between you and your friends and family, even if we can offer you a better rate or improve your service. That said, if this describes you take an objective look at your processing service once the thorny holiday season is over. Your brother-in-law might be making a killing on your account!



2. “I process about $2,000 a month in credit card sales.”



While this one won’t get rid of every credit card processing rep, most will be uninterested in pursuing your business if they learn you don’t process very much every month. These accounts cost the rep the same amount of time and energy to set up and maintain, but they won’t make very much money. Most reps who are just chasing dollar signs will make their escape when they hear a low number.



3. “I’m going out of business/selling my business/retiring soon.”



This one speaks for itself – there’s little point in making a change to your credit card processor if you’re going to be making big business updates soon. If you’re selling your business, the new owner will likely want to review all the vendors you had in place when they take the helm anyway – it doesn’t make much sense to make a change to a new provider now. Unless you’re in a situation that is absolutely unsustainable, just stay with the processor you’re currently with.



4. “I’d love to switch, but my credit isn’t too great – I really have trouble getting approved by processors.”



If this describes you, we’re sorry – this can be a real downer. If your personal or business credit is poor, you’re going to have a hard time shopping around for a new credit card processor. Processors take on risk when they allow a business to process through them so they logically have an interest in making sure that the businesses they sign up are able to pay their bills. If you have a history of struggling with this, you’re going to have a tough time getting a new credit card processing rep to stick around.



5. “Sure, I’d love a quote, but I charge $500 per bid.”



Hey, you never know! If this one works and a credit card processing rep pays you $500, you’re welcome!



Want a Credit Card Processor Who Doesn’t Suck?



We get it – credit card processing reps can be a real hassle when they march into your business unannounced. We do it too, but only because we’re sure that we can provide a level of service and attentiveness that your current processor just can’t match. If you really want to scare most of them away, have them fill out this questionnaire. 90% of them will not complete it and will never call you again. 5% will partially fill it out, and the final 5% are worth taking a closer look. Of course, we are more than willing to fill this out for you – if you would like one of our copies please give us a call at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website.



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