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As we get ready to launch into a new year, we took a look back at everything we’ve written in this blog over the past year – and we’ve written a lot! Our readers have commented, shared, complimented, and complained, and we’ve had some really great conversations about these topics with our customers. Before we get started on a whole new year of great content, here are our top ten posts of 2017, according to our readers.



1. 5 Reasons Your PCI Compliance Scan Failed – And What to Do About It



PCI compliance is a term that often fills business owners with dread. While maintaining PCI compliance is essential for protecting your business and your customers from fraud, the process to keep your good standing can be complicated and frustrating. Even more aggravating, if your system receives a failing grade on its quarterly scan, it can sometimes be quite tricky to figure out exactly what went wrong. Here are five common reasons your scan might have failed and what you can do about them.



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2. 4 Ways to Fight Back After the Equifax Breach



In September 2017, the public learned that the sensitive, private data of 143 million Americans (about half the US population) was left vulnerable to hackers by Equifax, one of the three main credit bureaus. This is one of the largest breaches in history, and you have every right to be concerned. If you’re wondering what steps you can take to protect yourself, take heart. Our guide will show you what to do.



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3. 360 Payments is A Different Kind of Processor



In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to get caught up in the newest apps and software and forget about people. Technology connects us like never before, but it also makes it easier to hide behind computer screens, separating us from each other. The credit card industry is no exception – it’s suffering from a transparency crisis.



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4. Forget What You Think You Know About American Express



Our CEO Lisa has worked in the credit card processing industry since she was 21, and while in her early years she was naïve about many things, it was always clear that business owners didn’t like American Express. In fact, many businesses outright refused to accept it! What’s wrong with American Express? Is its bad reputation well-deserved? Let’s take a look.



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5. Five Things You Didn’t Learn in School About Credit Cards



How much do you really know about that little piece of plastic you pull out to pay for everything from candy bars to cars? Where does your card data go, who has access to it, and how does the whole thing even work? Let’s take a look at the process from start to finish.



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6. 7 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile



Having a LinkedIn profile is critical, no matter what industry you’re in. Building and maintaining an effective profile is easier said than done, however. The best profiles are detailed, dynamic, and up to date – no easy task. In this post, we’ll show you seven areas of your profile that you should focus on to set yourself apart on LinkedIn. We’ll go roughly in order from top to bottom as you look at your profile.



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7. The Customer Isn’t Always Right: Avoiding Forced Transaction Scams



Picture this: a customer walks into your business, gathers a cart full of your products, and approaches the cash register. They swipe a credit card to pay for the transaction, but the card is declined. The customer is understandably upset and steps aside to call their card issuer. They return a few minutes later with an authorization code, which you enter into your system to override the denial. The transaction processes, the customer leaves with their merchandise, and it’s only when you try to settle up with the card issuer that you realize the authorization code was fake. What went wrong here?



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8. 8 Reasons to Stop Hating Yelp



We talk with dozens of business owners every day, and if there’s one thing we hear a lot it’s that Yelp is not a fan favorite. Especially among our restaurant and retail customers, there’s a prevailing belief that Yelp is an unfortunate combination of cranky customers, fake reviews, and an infuriating algorithm that seems to “not recommend” positive reviews and send negative ones straight to the top. If that sentence got your blood boiling, it’s time to take a step back and reconsider Yelp. Here are the top eight reasons why playing the Yelp game is essential to business success.



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9. What Would Tax Reform Mean for Your Business?



The tax bill currently pending in Congress could spell major tax cuts for businesses, but it’s not quite that simple. From profitable corporations to struggling startups, every business wants to know how their finances will be affected, and there’s not always an easy answer. In this article, we break down how the bill as it currently stands could affect your business.



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10. The Number One Secret to a High-Performing Team



The concept of employee morale is, at its core, the belief that employees deserve to be satisfied with their jobs and workplaces. It’s a combination of how employees feel about their job positions, whether they feel respected by their managers, and how happy they are throughout the day while they’re at work. Are you giving your team members what they need to truly succeed? Let’s find out.



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