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360 Payments is proud to announce that Protractor Software has chosen 360 Payments as one of its preferred credit card processors. 360 Payments is a payments processor founded on the beliefs and core values of honesty and integrity. The payment processing industry is highly competitive and can be bewildering to business owners. 360 Payments was born with the goals of uncovering the misunderstandings about the industry, providing outstanding customer service, giving back to the local community, and offering a distinctive opportunity for individuals to make an honorable and exceptional income. Partnering with Protractor is the next step in this vision, and you can learn more about our partnership here.

“We could not be more pleased to partner with Protractor to provide affordable, innovative payment processing solutions.” ~ Steve Ciabattoni Tweet:

“360 Payments has a fantastic record of helping business owners simplify their credit card processing systems and giving them the tools they need to thrive and flourish,” said Jeff Moody, Protractor’s General Manager. “We are partnering with Protractor to join the core of technology and transformation and to continue to create more instances where we can support business owners in the auto repair space,” said 360 Payments co-CEO Steve Ciabattoni.


In addition, 360 Payments has partnered with Protractor to support a broader entrepreneur mission throughout the United States. “We are thrilled to be a part of the Protractor network,” says Steve Ciabattoni. “We were looking for a partner who we felt was a forward-thinking leader and who has built top-notch relationship, and Protractor was at the top of the list.” The partnership will include a “meet-or-beat” promise from 360 for a shop’s current processing fees, a free credit card processing machine (a $300 value), and an cohesive payments system that cuts down on mistakes and increases checkout speed. Small to mid-sized dealerships nationwide will experience heightened efficiency and profoundly lower costs. 360’s simple API allows Protractor to provide streamlined integration into its existing shop management software while offering security and keeping up with PCI compliance. 360’s goal is for every dealership in the Protractor network to have the tools, the requisite education, and the resources to realize their full potential.


“We are so happy to welcome 360 Payments to our family,” said Jeff Moody. “Through this partnership, 360 Payments and Protractor are leading the charge for technical innovation and the continued spread of an integrated point of sale system across the auto industry. This collaboration between 360 Payments and Protractor makes sense across the board.”

The 360 Payments and Protractor partnership will give rise to a new era of growth in the auto industry. Tweet: The 360 Payments and Protractor partnership will give rise to a new era of growth in the auto industry.

360 Payments integrations will be available to Protractor customers in Spring 2017. Learn more about our partnership here.


For more information on how to partner with 360 Payments, contact Steve Ciabattoni at [email protected] or @360Payments on Twitter.



About 360 Payments:

360 Payments is a payment processing and gateway services company.  We make payments simple, secure, and seamless through integration with point of sale and stand-alone payment devices. 360 strives to take a consultative approach and educate our clients not just on how to save money but on how to reduce chargebacks and increase efficiency, whether in accounting and bookkeeping, payment processing, or technology implementation.



About Protractor:

Protractor Software Inc. works to bring leading edge technology to automotive aftermarket repair shops and tire stores. A large element in the success of the company to date is that the staff and management of Protractor have deep roots in the automotive aftermarket industry.

As an experienced leader within the software marketplace, Protractor has had a cloud-based solution since 2003. Protractor makes software that focuses on the customer relationship to make the most enjoyable relationship for customers. This, in turn, helps build loyalty and repeat business for the shops that depend on Protractor to help them manage every day operations. Due to the product’s exceptional results, Protractor software’s cutting edge features are now copied by many competitors. Yet in 2014 Protractor enhanced the product’s feature list with its .Net version, thereby further widening the gap on the competition.

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