17 05, 2018

Five Essential Tips to Survive an Open Office Plan

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So your company has made the decision to go with an open office plan. You’re already looking forward to more interaction with your coworkers and easier collaboration on shared projects. You might also have some trepidation, however, and rightly so. Open office plans can be overwhelming and distracting if you’re not used to them.

3 05, 2018

Sales Reps Still Suck: More Tips to Cold Call the Right Way

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Last week we published some tips to help sales reps stop being “the bad guys” in the eyes of business owners. This week we’re offering a few more – as an organization that employs quite a few outside sales representatives, we’ve thought long and hard about how we can help business owners without playing into stereotypes. Here’s what we’ve learned.

26 04, 2018

Sales Reps Suck. Here’s How to Cold Call the Right Way.

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Every business owner’s worst nightmare is yet another salesperson walking in the door. They groan inwardly, torn between telling them to beat it immediately or hearing them out. Most salespeople don’t have any idea how to actually build relationships with potential customers. Salespeople, take note. This is how you do it right.

6 03, 2018

Daylight Savings Time is Upon Us!

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We want to connect with you as time SPRINGS AHEAD starting Sunday, March 11. Your credit card machine clocks need to be changed to ensure your transaction and batch settings continue to work like normal. We have created a few videos to walk you through changing the time on your machines.

20 02, 2018

The Top Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy

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We all love our social media accounts. Increasingly, social media is how news is spread, how friends stay connected, and how businesses communicate with their customers. If your business doesn’t have even a basic social media presence, you need to get one set up right away.

16 01, 2018

Stop Sending Terrible Follow-Up Emails

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The follow-up stage is where so many promising deals go to die, particularly because of email. Email is great because it lets you follow up quickly and frequently, but it’s also extremely easy to ignore. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

11 01, 2018

Three Simple Ways to Crush Your Sales Goals This Year

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If you’re in a sales role in your company, no doubt you’ve got your targets for this month, quarter, and year all planned out. This isn’t an article about fancy hacks that’s going to change your life. It’s about the good old-fashioned things any salesperson can do to make this year their best one yet.

2 01, 2018

The Top Ten 360 Payments Blog Posts of 2017

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As we get ready to launch into a new year, we took a look back at everything we’ve written in this blog over the past year – and we’ve written a lot! Our readers have commented, shared, complimented, and complained. Here are our top ten posts of 2017, according to our readers.

19 12, 2017

Five Steps to Planning Your Startup’s Best Year Yet

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If you haven’t started planning for 2018 for your business yet, well, you’re a little behind. Don’t despair – there’s still time to get a game plan together for the coming year. Block off a few hours on your calendar and get to work. These five tips will help you plan your best year yet.

7 12, 2017

The Business Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing – is your business ready? This is a busy time of year for our customers in many industries, which means extra revenue but also extra stress. Do these five things to get ready, even if you do nothing else.