360 Payments is more than just a credit card processing company. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology and on responding to the needs our customers tell us they have. One of the most common features that our customers request is the ability to accept payments via text message. Imagine being able to send an invoice directly to your customer’s phone, enabling them to pay when it’s convenient for them, and eliminating long checkout lines at your business. 360 Payments is proud to announce that we’ve made this a reality with our new Text to Pay product. This feature, currently exclusively available through our partners at BOLT ON and autotext.me, is revolutionizing the credit card processing industry and the way that auto repair shops accept payments. Here are six benefits your shop will receive when you sign up for Text to Pay.



Added Convenience



With text payments, your customer pays your invoice directly from their phone when it’s convenient for them – and you can send it when it’s convenient for you. Do you have a customer who always comes to pick up their car mere minutes before you lock the doors for the night? Now you can toss them their keys as you walk to your own car – they already paid their bill hours ago via text message.



Streamlined Checkout



Do your service advisors dread the end of the day rush when the line of customers stretches out the door? All it takes in that situation is one customer to have questions about their R.O. or need an explanation of the services performed, and your other valued customers start getting extremely cranky. With text payments, these same customers pay from their phones before they even start to make their way to your shop. The end of day “rush” is now a simple matter of handing over keys.



Increased Employee Efficiency



When a customer enters your shop, your service advisors stop everything to help them – as they should, that’s just good business! However, the constant interruptions to check customers out disrupt their schedule and cause them to get behind on other tasks. Instead, text payments allow your service advisors to send out invoices when it’s convenient for them, and the customer pays without ever setting foot in the shop. Everyone is more efficient, and that means money saved for your shop.



Advanced Security



360 Payments is proud to offer a secure text payments option for the peace of mind of both shop owners and their customers. Text to Pay uses hosted payment pages and tokenization to protect card data and keep you out of scope of PCI compliance. Looking for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay? Text to Pay supports all of that as well.



That High-Tech Feel



What do the dealerships have that you don’t? That’s a loaded question, isn’t it?! No matter what you think of the big dealerships, with text payments you’re giving them a run for their money when it comes to the latest technology and features. When people talk about “that dealership feel,” the first things that come to mind are fancy waiting rooms and glossy marketing slicks (and high prices). You don’t need any of that, because that’s not what their customers really want. They want their car fixed correctly the first time for a fair price, with the convenience and efficiency they’ve come to expect. With Text to Pay, you can now check all of those boxes. There’s nothing more efficient than a text message invoice!



Seamless Integration



Our Text to Pay product integrates directly with your BOLT ON and autotext.me software platforms, meaning setup is simple and the learning curve is gentle. Your software will mark the R.O. as paid automatically, which is one less thing for your service advisor to do. Your end of day reconciliation process just got way easier.



Ready to Get Started?



If you’re using BOLT ON or autotext.me in your shop, we’ve got great news – you can get Text to Pay today! Simply click here to get started with BOLT ON or here to get started with autotext.me. If you’re not, let your software provider know that you want to be able to accept text payments and encourage them to reach out to us – we’re the only payments company offering this feature. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always get in touch with us at 1-855-360-0360 or drop us a line on our website. We’re ready to take your payments experience to the next level.



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